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Customs Made in March and April 2010


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Angel

Loving-Concern Buffy and Angel Farewell-to-Angel Buffy Dawn-Dilema Buffy Wardrobe-Malfunction Xander Skipping-It Tara and Willow Power-Healing Willow and Buffy One-Final-Lie Wesley and Fred (Illyria)

Battlestar Galactica

Deck-Chief Galen Tyrol Controlling-His-Anger Bill Adama Holiday-Romance Kara Thrace Pegasus-First-Officer Dualla Adama New-Caprica-Colonist Kara Anders New-Caprica-Colonist Galen Tyrol New-Caprica-Colonist Saul Tigh Boxing-Therapy Kara (Starbuck) Secret-Identity Kat Resisting-the-Mutiny Kara Resisting-the-Mutiny Saul Tigh

Supernatural | Harry Potter

Demon-Hunter Sam Winchester Demon-Hunter Dean Winchester Roadhouse Jo Bloodlust Lenore Roadkill Molly Hogwart's-Pupil Cedric Diggory Dumbledore's-Army Luna Lovegood Dumbledore's-Army Cho Chang Dumbledore's-Army Neville Longbottom Dumbledore's-Army Seamus Finnigan

Twilight Saga | Real People

Turncoat-Vampire Laurent Voting-for-Bella Carlisle Cullen FLASH-FIkTION-Drummer Dan FLASH-FIkTION-Singer Matt FLASH-FIkTION-Guitarist Ollie Playwright Joe Orton

Prize-winning customs.

Example Custom Tableau

Supernatural - Season 1 Customs - Demon-Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester


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