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Nether-Realm-Ritual Willow and Tara *Light Up*

Aerial View

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • 4.16 "Who Are You?"
  • Willow and Tara do a ritual where they have their eyes closed, chanting, and their hands are just starting to make a magic circle

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Willow figure (DST)
  • Tara head and Willow body (DST)


  • Aerial view (above)
  • Willow front view
  • Tara front view
  • Sculpt in progress
  • Base in progress
  • Lights on in dark

Recipe for Base

  • Plastic video case, fairy lights, card, scenic water, and dolls house turkish rug

Sculpt - Valentine Special, February 2007

  • Put them both in sitting position
  • Sculpted Willow's hair, necklace, bracelet, dress, and cardigan
  • Sculpted Tara's hair, necklace, bracelet, top, and skirt
  • Taped fairy lights in position, inside the top of the video case, with 5 lights to each side tracing a curved line from their hands
  • Used a piece of cardboard with the lines of magic roughly cut out
  • Cut out grooves in the rug, glued it to the card, and glued the card to the video
  • Chopped some clear gel into small chunks (so that would refract the lights) and glued it into the grooves
Willow - Front View
Tara - Front View
Sculpt in Progress
Base in Progress
Lights On in Dark